Car Alarms Offer Safety And Security

Look at any typical police blotter and generally the most frequent crime listed will be related to automobiles. Whether it’s grand theft auto or simple burglary of items within the car or even carjacking, autos and crime seem to go together is just about every locale in the world. This is where a good car alarm can come in handy. While an alarm won’t guarantee theft won’t happen, it can lessen the chances. Anything to deter is a good idea.

Shopping for car alarms can be a little tough though. There are a number of different devices on the market that offer one form of protection or another. The prices vary greatly. The high-end devices can even track a stolen car to its current location and lower end options simply lock steering wheels. Some may be more effective than others in scaring off the professional thieves, but any type of alarm or lockout device is better than none.

In the car stealing game, law enforcement will say that anything that adds even seconds onto the time it takes a thief to steal a car will help turn them to the next car in the lot. That’s right, just seconds can count. The idea is that if another mark is easier to hit, the thief will move on to it instead. While this isn’t always so, any type of deterrant is really better than none.

As you shop for a car alarm, you’ll find there are a ton of different options available. Here are the two major types of systems:

* Passive alarms: These automatically turn on when the ignition is off and the doors are closed. If the car is opened incorrectly, i.e., without the key or the ignition is forced, an alarm will sound.

* Active alarms: These must be manually turned on by the user. The problem here is the user may forget.

Both types of alarms can come with a number of different features, depending on the alarm purchased. They can include such things as door sensors, motion detectors, air horns and more. The idea behind them is to make enough noise to scare off a would-be thief.

Some alarms and anti-theft devices even come with a tracking mechanism. Although more expensive than simple air horns, these devices can and do prevent a stolen car from making it to a chop shop. Think of it as a personal homing device for a car and you get the idea.

Alarms can be very simplistic or extremely complicated. No matter the type that’s purchased, remember they must be turned on to work. The idea is to deter – to make your car look less attractive to thieves than others in the lot. It sounds harsh, but it’s a dog-eat-dog kind of world out there. Just look at news headlines or police blotters and you’ll see.

Even a simple steering wheel lock is better than nothing, but to truly present a problem for thieves, more complex systems with horns, tracking devices and battery backups should be considered.

Buying a car alarm should be almost as important as buying the car in some locations. Considering the alarm protects a big investment, it only makes sense. Plus, alarms can provide some good discounts on insurance, too.

Crime and Security in Argentina – A Country in Crisis

Watch the news recently, and you’ll find stories of Argentina filling your television screen. A country hit particularly hard by the swine flu, the South American nation’s government is being closely watched in its handling of the situation by the rest of the world.

In recent years, in fact, the land of the tango and of Eva Person has come to receive a great amount of international attention. A female president, a drought, a relentless battle between farmers and the national government – the Paris of South America has had its share of newsworthy events.

What the international community is not talking about, however, is a much more disturbing yet quotidian crisis that Argentines face every day of their lives: that of crime.

Argentina was one of the nations to most suffer the economic downturn that followed the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. While during the 1990s the country had enjoyed a period of unprecedented prosperity under president Carlos Menem, the world economic slipup in 2001 tore the Argentine economy apart. Revealing the faults and shortcomings of Menem’s highly-capitalistic economic policies, the crisis caused the Argentine peso’s value to plummet, leaving many in ruins.

This collapse shattered the looking glass in which Argentines had seen themselves and drove the country into chaos. Overnight, citizens had lost a large majority of their lives’ savings and the national government had fallen to failure and impotence. Like many Latin American nations, Argentina had never been the safest place in the world. However, in the wake of the country’s economic downfall, crime levels soared.

Though the Argentine economy has now somewhat recovered, safety and security remains a huge issue. It is rare to speak with an Argentine who has not at some point faced robbery and theft. Fraud is commonplace, and mistrust runs rampant. Businesses are frequently robbed at gunpoint, and men and women are roughed up on the streets. Citizens are constantly looking over their shoulders and second-guessing the intentions of others. A culture of fear and of mistrust has emerged that is for many Americans unimaginable.

This jump in crime has carried the issue of home security in Argentina to a new level. Several homeowners have installed home security systems and home alarm systems in their homes. Windows are covered with bars, doors are dead bolted several times over, and fences are topped off with spikes. Whereas Americans may be used to locking the front door while leaving a window open to let in the breeze, for Argentines today, this is unfathomable. In the face of the high rates of crime in the streets threatening at their doors, the Argentine people have been forced to quadruple their efforts in home security.

This rich and beautiful country has, unfortunately, been tainted by greed and crime. While walking out of the front door is something that few Americans fear, for those who live in Argentina, such an action is a choice that means facing the danger that waits outside.

Becoming Established in God is a Position of Safety and Security and is on Offer to Everyone

Would you like to become established in God?

As we read through Psalms 120 to 134 there is a developing progression and Psalm 125 could be subtitled ‘becoming established in God’. Almighty God shall strengthen you and establish you, so that you cannot be shaken, but it depends upon trusting in the Lord and for us in these present days that means trusting in Jesus Christ.

Do take time or even make time to read the Psalm. There is always a very special blessing for those who make the effort to read the Word of God.

When we trust in the Lord God Almighty, we can become like Mount Zion.

We may be attacked at times and come under the fire of the enemy, facing all the deceit and undermining, but we are able to endure. We are able to persevere, knowing that God is preserving us.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds His people.

Geographically speaking, Jerusalem is like a saucer and when inside we have that sense of physical security. This is so true of the Church of Jesus Christ. When inside the Church, we have that sense of physical and spiritual and emotional security. Fear can be removed.

You cannot see Jerusalem from the outside. You have to climb her slopes and enter in. Similarly, you cannot see the Church of Jesus Christ from the outside. You have to come right in and then you can see!

We know that when the situation becomes hot and tough, there are people in the fellowship of the Church of Jesus Christ who will appear and stand by us and with us and for us.

Sandy Shaw