Big Button Mobile Phones Provide Safety and Security

Although the majority of mobile phones produced today are designed more for style and features, there is a specific contingent of people who require phones with larger buttons and controls. Elderly customers need a phone that is easy to see and understand, and doesn’t require advanced knowledge of cellular technology to operate. For those individuals, a few specialty brands have stepped up to offer models that are more user-friendly.

Mobile phones offer a measure of security to aging consumers. The ability to reach friends and family for special assistance is important, since healthcare providers can’t always be available twenty-four hours a day for emergencies and urgent requests. Having a phone with simple controls gives them peace of mind and confidence in staying connected to those who help them on a daily basis.

The large majority of this special subset of mobile customers are not invalids. Many volunteer and participate in social and civic groups or provide assistance for less fortunate individuals. Their physical limitations do not limit their desire to communicate and remain active in their communities and families.

Clarity is one brand that has been a leader in telephone handsets for the hearing impaired and special needs market sectors around the world. The company was acquired by Plantronics in 1986, opening the door for new markets in the mobile phone industry. The models designed by the company are compatible with hearing aids and provide amplification for those who work in noisy environments or suffer from hearing loss.

In addition to standard ringtones, the phones usually have lighted dials and a vibration function to signal an incoming call. All of the buttons on these big button mobile phones can produce audible sounds in use, and the oversize screens make the readouts easier to see. Many of the models in use also have an emergency call button that dials up to five individual numbers simultaneously until someone answers to provide assistance in a dangerous or life-threatening situation.

Though the phones are not cheap, the measure of security they provide for handicapped, hearing-impaired, and elderly customers can prove invaluable in the right situation. Part of the phone’s high price point is due to the fact that these phones are unlocked for GSM networks, meaning they can potentially be used with a number of service providers.

Another vendor in the big button mobile phones market is Swedish-based Doro, which has been popular in Europe and Australia for thirty-five years. The company made a grand appearance at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Their low-price, easy to use phones have begun to penetrate the U.S. market, providing stiff competition for established brands in the States like Jitterbug and Motorola. Doro’s phones are not light on features, either. The company offers a 410gsm model that includes calculator, alarm clock, Bluetooth technology, and an FM radio.

Big button mobile phones will continue to have an impact on cellular sales as aging consumers continue to demand reliable handsets that provide higher decibel audio response, oversized controls, and simple features that offer a measure of security to this unique class of mobile phone users.

Achieving Safety and Style With a Chrome Fire Extinguisher

Nowadays, people are more concerned and expectant on how something appears beautiful and agreeable rather than how these things are able to keep them safe and protected. This is not a revelation as modern society has often preferred to look and show their best in any affair no matter the cost. Although safety and style can be two different aspects, these two features can be achieved in this day and age. This is possible through the use of a chrome fire extinguisher.

A fire extinguisher is an essential fire safety device that can prove to be very valuable in securing a home or an establishment’s safety and security. It is designed to extinguish small fires that may erupt in any probable place or area. Although its significance has been established, no one can deny the fact that it can seem very unattractive and unappealing when mounted into the walls of an intricately designed or styled restaurant or home. As this can become a very big predicament for many homeowners, restaurants and hotels, manufacturers of fire extinguishers have come up with a solution through developing chrome extinguishers.

These fire extinguishers are basically like any type of extinguisher which are capable of fighting off small fires outbreaks and has the exact same standards as the typical ones. It is also made out of high quality materials and substances which can be compared with other finest quality fire extinguishers. The only difference is that its body is not 95% red and it is made out of highly polished aluminum stainless steel or aluminum. It has been proficiently carried out for an utmost shine to make a remarkable effect wherever it is positioned. As a result, it can be placed or displayed in locations where the bright red outer surface of a usual fire extinguisher would not look so attractive or pleasing in the interiors of a classy restaurant.

In the United Kingdom, establishments and workplaces are legally required to provide and maintain fire extinguishers on their properties.

Fire authority and building inspectors are responsible for recommending where these fire safety devices are to be installed. In this circumstance, the restaurant is able to use chrome extinguishers that can complement the hotel design instead of trying to come up with different methods of harmonizing it with the color of the furnishings and wall decors. Or even try to come up with justifications that these indispensable devices are not placed inside their property. With its versatile color and design, chrome extinguishers can balance every piece of furniture in a room’s design.

A chrome fire extinguisher that is placed in restaurants, hotels, first class homes and establishments is an ideal alternative in keeping a fire safety device accessible and within easy reach. This fire equipment does not only increase the chances of surviving a fire emergency but also serves to maximize the general appeal of the overall design of a modern hotel or restaurant. It has also revolutionized the idea of both securing safety with style that has always been the object of a modern lifestyle.

Visa, Safety and Flight Tips for Tourists to Australia

Australia is replete with tourist delights and attractions – be it natural splendours or contemporary lures.

The incredible deserts, the brilliant beaches, the charming coral reefs and the lush green forests intermingle with some of the world’s finest architectural marvels, pulsating nightlife and super shopping options to create a holiday destination that is very hard to beat! Britons constitute the major portion of the tourists who book flight tickets to Australia as cities such as Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Melbourne are incredibly popular with them.

The popularity of Australia among Britons warrants that travellers remain well versed with different aspects of travelling to the country.

Entry Requirements

Visa Britons do need a visa to travel to Australia. There are two types of electronic visitor visas available to the British citizens who intend to travel to Australia – eVisitor Visa and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

eVisitor Visa requires no application charge or service fee, and can be obtained directly from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. ETA can be applied through travel agents or airlines, and requires a service fee of A$20.

Passport Validity- Australia does not have any minimum passport validity requirement, but those travellers who plan an onward journey to other countries in the region must check the passport validity policies of those countries.

Safety and Security Tips

Crime- Crime against foreign tourists is not unheard of in Australia. Travellers must take appropriate safety measures to ensure a peaceful stay in the region. Always take care of your valuable possessions and important travel documents like passport. Opt for a hotel room that features a safe as it allows you to keep your valuable belongings secure.

Certain tourist spots in popular holiday cities like Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Melbourne are most susceptible to crime against holiday makers. Avoid travelling at night and follow fundamental safety measures.

Beach Safety- The beaches in Australia are popular as surfing spots. However, the beaches here have witnessed a string of surfing accidents. Holiday makers are advised to follow basic precautions while indulging themselves.

Always swim between the red and yellow flags. These flags indicate a stretch that is supervised by life guards. You should also avoid going for a swim after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Flight Information- No airline offers direct flights to Australia from the UK as the distance is too huge to be covered in a single stretch. However, a good number of carriers offer hopping and indirect flights. Qantas, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, Royal Brunei, Singapore Airline and Emirates are some great choices for flying indirect to Australia. Royal Brunei is also popular for offering cheap tickets.

Baggage allowance for most airlines is similar, while Qantas and Emirates are the ones that offer A380 flying experience to the passengers